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Great Web Sites for Parents.

ASD-American School Directory 
Index of links to Web sites of interest 
to Parents. All sites listed were reviewed 
by a panel of educators and judged to be 
valuable information resources. New sites 
will be added often, so stay tuned in! And 
send us your suggestions for other, "must-have" 
Web sites. 

Sites of Interest to Parents:
Learning network parent channel
Publications for Parents, Including the
Partnership for Family Involvement in Education.
Here are people who dare to meddle in the education 
of their children. 


Parental Refrence:
The single best source for facts on the net
An award wining web site complete with its own search tool giving access to wide variety of articles on parenting issues.
An informative web site filled with activities, Articles and Bulletin Boards about parenting issues.


Fun for Parents:
Great ideas.Practical advice. Fun stuff to do.
A "fun" web site by Family Magazine all about the fun activities that families can do together.
The PEP site is an informational resource for Parents, Educators, and children's software Publishers.

Parent Resource:
Elementary resources for teachers, students,and parents.
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