About the Technology Department

We have many selections in both platforms. We have stations available for visitors to review software. Our state-of-the-art training center was used all summer. If you want training, e-mail us. Training can be conducted here at our site, or we can custom make a package to meet the needs of your school or program, and deliver it to you on your schedule.

We are looking for volunteers to join us in retooling the English and Social Studies curricula. Pedagogues would be paid per-session to develop the two courses, fully integrating technology into both. Those teachers would then teach those courses. Regents exam scores from June 2000 will be compared against Regents scores in June 2001. Instinctively we know that computer-assisted education lends itself to individualized instruction, better student interaction and communication with the global school community. Our goal is better student outcomes. Let's prove that our way really works!