Welcome back!   Our software library is open. Call Jim Gong at 718-752-7320 for an appointment. 
One of our schools has successfully had iGear disabled. We will be talking about local filtering control at our next coordinators' meeting.
Project Connect has been closed out in most of our schools. The job however is far from done. Each school needs to be integrated to the Project Connect server in order for individual computers to have Internet access. Please contact me if you need help connecting your school's computers to the Internet.


Contact me if you are interested in arranging technology training for your school personnnel!

I handle all schools' concerns regarding ATS/Mainframe Services, as well as telecommunication services. Before you order that new phone line, call me.
I administer this website and help schools create and maintain their websites on our server. I hope to make this site more useful, both as an educational, and as an administrative tool.