We all have learned that Edgar Allan Poe was a very famous poet. In his life he has completed a lot for himself, given the fact that he was a very unhappy person. Do to the fact that his dear wife passed away, he realized that he had to still move on. There were things still out there for him to discover. He moved on and remarried someone else. He wrote very good stories and poems about life and death. He used imagery to give haunting descriptions of demise.

He was seen as a weird individual and not as unique. I believe we fear the unknown. He was the first to write about mysteries and short stories. The way he wrote was magnificent and it still is till this day. He is looked at as one of the best writers ever. He was surrounded by death his whole life, why wouldn't he write about it? Most of the things he did when he was stressed wasn't so morbid to me.

Reflect on the process of completing this project.

We liked the parts in which we were able to learn how to create our own web site. We also learned more interesting information on Edgar Allan Poe. In the findings of this man we not only did a good project we also learned about him and his life how he thought of things and how life was to him. Also in our findings we also learned about his great books and how they got published and how much people liked them. We also as a group learned about him as a child,what schools he went to and we also learned about his terrible death.
In our project it didn't face much difficulties like others, we didn't have no problems in sharing parts. In the group every person had a part to do, in finding information and looking for pictures.However in doing this group project it came a little difficult when one of the members didn't come and had the information that was needed that day for typing. In this little problem the members that were here did the part that was missing, so when the member came later during the day she helped in the parts that the members didn't get to do.