Edgar Allan Poe

The Tell-Tale Heart

This story was interesting because of his master plan. The attempt of killing the old man. His precise decisions and actions. All those nights he was poised and ready for anything. He did everything perfect but have a guilty conscience. One of the hottest lines in this story was "I heard all thing in the heaven and in the earth". Just that sentence can mean so much. The reason why he killed the man was crazy it self.

The Raven

I liked this story because of the rhyme scheme and the layout of the way he divides topics and rhymes. This passage we believe he mostly relates to his wife/cousin. This also relates to the death of his dear wife Lenore. Possibly her spirit spoke to him and he had to write about it. . �Then methought, the air grew denser, perfumed from an unseen censer Swung by Seraphim whose foot-falls tinkled on the tufted floor.�The above, I believe the way he makes her presence seem so precious is so unique especially the way he phrases his words.