Inspired writing.

      After reading "A Dream" by Edgar Allan Poe, I was inspired
me to write the following piece.

          Escapable Dream
                     By: Raisa Cuello

          In the dark and lonely nights
          While I'm laying in my bed
          As the moonlight shines so bright
          Visions of you pop in my head

          Every time I dream of you
          It brings a smile to my face
          And there's nothing I can do
          To get the smile and happiness replaced

          But when the dream is over
          And the dream has escaped my head
          I wish I could recover
          The dream I dreamt in bed.

         The piece of writing that inspired me was " Spirits of the dead"
   Here's a stanza :

            " The breeze, the breath of God, is still,
           and the mist upon the hill Shadowy,Shadowy, Yet
           unbroken, Is a symbol and a token.
           How it hangs upon the trees,
          A mystery of Mysteries!"
 Now my inspired piece.

   Lost Soul
By: Tanya Ortiz

          Walking into a path of no return
          wondering why I'm still alone
          so many looking' Down
          seeing though me like I'm not there
          I feel alone, lonely & scared.

          I watch you at night
          during the day I stay and wait
          I'm always watching you
          And I will 'till I'm with you again.

          Then we'll meet and our love will be,
          So 'till that day that you leave the land of
          breath, and meet me in the land of ghost
          I'll wait for you 'till the end of time.

After reading "The Tell-Tale Heart", i was inspired to write the following piece

                        Ghetto Tell-Tale
                                  By: Nicholas La Marca

          I see you there sleeping,
          while i'm around creeping.
          I'll give you quite a scare,
          on just a simple dare.

          You will wake up screaming,
          then you will think you were dreaming.
          You will then be hacked into pieces,
          and into the reeses
          of your mind.

          Then there was a knock,
          I looked up at the clock.
          Opened the door,
          Got knocked to the floor.

          Then I woke up screaming,
          only to find that I was just dreaming.