I am going to tell you a little about two books that Ralph Waldo Emerson has wrote. one of his books that he wrote is called" The method of nature".     In the book " The method of nature" Ralph Waldo Emerson talks about nature and how he feels about it. Ralph Waldo says that the land we live in has no idea what is happening to it. He also say where theres no vision the people perish avarice, hesition and following are our diseases. He say's the luck of one is the hope of thousounds, and the bribe acts like the neighborhood of a gold mine to impoverish the farm, the school, the church, the house and the very body and feature of man.
    Ralph waldo said that he does not want to look at the villiage as a bad place. He loves the music of the water- wheel, he values the railway and he feels pride which the sight of a ship inspires. Ralph Waldo continue to talk about the situation of the villiage and how he feels about it.

    I feel that this book is really good it talks about the situation or the villiage and now it effects the nature and the way people can't even see it. The book was very interesting it capt me into it and wanting to know more.
    The literary techniques that Ralph Waldo Emerson used in this piece is the way he stared he's paragraph talking about man or people and then he went back into talking about the villiage and how it effect nature.

Philosophy is

" The reward of a thing well done is to have it done"

Emerson was a proponent of self-reliance and nature as manifestation of the divine spirit.

    In this book "Nature" Ralph Waldo Emerson talks about nature he says a man needs to retire as much from  his chamber as from society. Emerson also says that seen the streets and cities and how great they are as they brighten up the Universe only if men believe and adore and preserve for many generations the remembrace of the city of God which had been shown.
    Emerson say's that nature never weras a mean appearance neither does the wiset man discover a female secret and lose his curiosity by finding out all of her perfection. Emerson feel that nature never becomes a toy t a wise spirit. The flowers, The animal, the Mauntains reflect the wisdom of his best hour meaning everything dealing with nature represent the days that go by.
    Emerson qoutes that Nature is his creature and that he shawn be glade with nature not the sun or summer alone, but every hour and season.
    Emerson talks very deeply about nature and how he feels, he expresses his love and devotion and this book Nature every hour there is a change corresponding to a different state of the mind.

    I really liked this book it was very anjoyable to read and it capt me interested

    the literary devices that Emerson used in this book was that he connected what man does influences nature.