The reason why I admired Henry Wadsworth Longfellow is because of his persistence, ambitions, and the patience he expressed through his unique way of writing poetry. Longfellow was never satisfied with what he already knew. He learned various languages like French, Spanish and Italian. Longfellow's influence from European literature. When he lived in Portland, Maine he used to publish his home town's newspaper. He learned about United States and foreign countries history and about earth science. He started what is rhyme scheme which is words that rhyme at the end of the lines in a stanza. His advantage of learning four languages and being able to read and write fluently, helped him get a job in Harvard University as a professor of Modern Languages. He was patient enough when he spent a year and six months working on the Hiawatha poem. His Hiawatha poem was an example of how he was influenced by the Native American people. It was about how an Ojibwa Indian is so persistent, strong and brave after so many defeats he becomes his peoples leader and marries Minnehahab. He was also known as the advocate who brought European cultural tradition to North America and he expressed it through his poems.
Creating a web page where I could research and write my personal responses and interpretations made me feel independent. By completing a web with the help of Maritza (my group member). Now Iam familiar in how to split the assignments into group members and construct a web page on whomever I admire whether it be indivdual work or group work in school working on the assignments that teachers  from my seminars give me.