These  writings were inspired afterreading excerpts from Sojouner Truth

I lay here on this cot
Acting like this is home but its not
Home wouldn't put me on the spot
And beat me till I drop

Home would not make me feel all this pain
And home is not cruel, harsh and all screwed up
Home don't cut your feet off for running for luck
And home don't make their citizens feel insane

Home is not this
Cause this is some S**t
And if I'll ever become fre
I would never forget this
                                                                                               Done By: Shatemia Boykin

I'm a slave
A slave who is not
Understanding this strange world
I didn't realize why
These white men raped us black girl
But now I know
Why this done
These men make babies with us
And then sell them for a profit
I am a slave and I am disgusted
I am a human
                                                                                                  Done By:Candice Phillips