The Biography Of Walt Whitman
    My favorite 19th century writer is walt Whitman. Walt Whitman was born on May 31,1819 in Long Island, New York. Walt Whitman was the son of Walt Whitman sr.
    At the age og 6 Walt Whitman moved to Brooklyn, New York and had his fiest experience living in the city life. He attended elementry school kin Brookln. At the age 11 he had his first job as a local office clerek, in years to come Whitman would be a printer at the Patriot and Star news papers. A fire destroyed his job at thre printing firm.
    Walt Whitman moved backed to Long Island working two jobs Teaching in a small country school and his own weekly news paper which was called "The Long Islander". Through prose and poetry Whitan expressed his opinions on Democracry and the american society.
    During the years of 1840 and 1848 Whitman was the editor of several news papers; Auroa,Talter,Eagle and a paper for the New York Democrat. After this Whitmn was a well respected editor. 1848 Whitman left his editoroing job at Star news papers and took a job at a news paper called Cresent  in NewOrleans, LA. taht job only lasted 6 months but when he was working he witnessed bad ordeals which would change his life.
    The next thing whitman would work on was, a set of poetry that would express his views , opinions, and experiences on american democratic idealism. fro here he began to work on the infamous collection titled "The leaves Of Grass". The first edition of "The Leaves Of Grass"was published privately for no respectable publisher would consider his work.In "The Leaves Of Grass" it touches on homosexuaity, respect for prostitutes and the opposition to the draft for slavery.
    During this time people wasn't interested in reading about respect for prostitutes and homosexuailty. After Emerson read his work and said it was good people started reading it because he was a well respected poet.