Inspired Writings . . .

        My story is based on one of Irving's work "The Devil &Tom Walker." It is similar to he story because it talks about a woman who was really ambitious and selfish. She used to steal alled il & her own friends jewlery to sale them for money. Like when Tom sale his soul to the devil.

                       Amanda's  Ambitious Problem

        Once upon a time there was a very wired looking lady who named was Amanda. Amanda lived in a little antique house with her husband who work very hard. He work to give Amanda anything she need it, but since she though that he didn't gave her enough she decide to do something else.
        Amanda had many rich friends and everytime she when to their houses she would steal anything like jewlery and value objects, then she used to sale them for a good amount of money. Time pass and Amanda was getting so ambitious that she would take anything that she saw. But  one day her husband notice that Amanda was having more money than usual. He asked her what she was doing to get money but she never told him the truth, until one time that he had found his mother chain in Amanda's draw.

        He was very surprised because he had asked Amanda that his mother chain was rob but she didn't said anything. That very same night he asked Amanda again about the chain but she acted like if she didn't knew anything about it. He told her "look what I found in your draw" showing her the chain. She was so but so surprised and nervios that she couldn't lie no more, and had to tell him everything taht she did. After taht Amanda and her husband  got so many problems that they got divorce, Amanda ambitios problem got her in a lot of trouble that no one in her neigorhood talk to her. Especially when her friends found out what she did they never wanted her in there houses and her frienship got broken.

        Amanda lived the rest of her time with almost no friends and nobody trust in her.

                                         THE END