*Irving's Timeline*

      {1783}- Washington Irving was born in New york city.

      {1802}- His brother helped him get a job with the morning chronicle. Where he was able to learn about writing & printing.

      {1804}- Washington took off in search of new wonders to Europe.

      {1806}- Washington returned to America where he began working on a new piece of work referred to as salmagundi, which published in 1807.

      {1809}- Irving's life suddenly became sad by a tremendous personal tragedy. His wife to be, Matilda Hoffman die.

      {1818}- The franchise crumbles and went bankrupt, it was a point that Irving looked to his pen for a form of financial income.

      {1824}- He had published what he himself regarded as his best book, "Tales of a Traveler."

        {1832}- He makes residence in Dresden, London, and Paris and begins his writing career. Also he writes and publishes at least eight known books, for example "Tales of a Traveler""History and voyages of Christopher Columbus", and one of his most famous work "The Sketch Book."

       {1836}- He moved into a antique little house named sunnyside, located in TarryTown New York where he lived with his brother and his brothers five daughters.

     {1842}- Was privileged enough to be elected by president Tyler as minister to Spain.

     {1859}- He pass the rest of his time in his house sunnyside. After a while he die, they reported him buried in the Sleepy Hollow cementery. On the eve of the civil war, Washington Irving had aged 76 years old.