Analysis of Connections

The works of Ralph Waldo Emerson were inspired by the events that occurred in his lifetime. In Give all to Love and Threnody, Emerson dealt with things like marriage and the deaths of his mother, his brother, and his son.  These were all events that his
works acted as responses to.

 Give all to Love was a response to the marriage of him and Ellen Tucker.  Three years after there marriage Ellen died of tuberculosis.  Before he and Ellen married he had been ordained as a junior minister of  Second Church  in  Boston.  These were all events that inspired him to write "GIVE ALL TO LOVE."

 Threnody was a response to the death of his son.  His son Waldo died at five years old.  In this work he states �What though the pains and joys, whereof it spoke of toys fitting his age and ken�  which we interpret as �Because the experience he lacked, the only pain he knew was the pain of losing toys, which was normal for a child his age.

We believed the works of my author influence the ways Americans think about themselves in the way they take more precaution with the young because there life is precious and at young age you lack experience.  Also, many Americans now cherish love. At least we do.  Your heart can be what keeps you strong and at the same time what makes you the most vulnerable and weak.  By using your whole heart to love and not hate you can learn many things and experience a lot and learn about yourself.  Your best side, worst side, strong and weak side.
Emerson was a Transcendentalist and a non-conformist who was like a rare stone in a pile of garbage. In the time of Emerson people were very uptight and rigid. Anything that went against the group was a scandal. Emerson thought that people should be free, be different, and be themselves. Emerson believed that there were many different ways of discovering truth. He believed that in the middle of black and white there was a lot of gray. Emerson thought that it was   possible to get from point A to point Z without going in the usual c,d,e... pattern. And in a society of sheep that is a very hard quality to find.

Black, Purple and White= University Heights H.S. colors

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