Service and Health

Tier 4, 1st Semester: Introduction to Psychology

Brief Description:

Using CUNY�s Psychology 11 as a frame work, this course will explore the history, theories and fundamentals in field of psychology. We will also look at the many sub-fields of psychology such as developmental, clinical, social, abnormal, and health. Special attention will be placed on the development of good study skills.

Target Population:

12th graders who have an interest in the fields of Psychology, Education and Health.

Students interested in college-level study.

Goals and Objectives:

To boost confidence in college preparedness

To introduce students to the science and philosophy of psychology

To enhance student�s critical thinking skills

To give students a positive experience with college level work

Major Topics/Themes

The history of the science of psychology

The scientific method

Developmental psychology

Nature vs. nurture



Alignment to Standards

(Health and Physical Education) Standard 1: Personal health and fitness

(Career Development and Occupational Studies) Standard 3a: Universal Foundation Skills

(Career Development and Occupational Studies) Standard 3b: Career Majors - Health services, Human and public services

Resources and Materials

Introduction to Psychology, Myers, David G. Third addition

Psychology Today, Monthly periodical

Scientific American, Monthly periodical

Assessment Measures:

in-class exams, quizzes and a final research paper