Service and Health

Tiers 3, 4: Physical Education/Fitness & Weight Training

Brief Description:

Students will learn basic skills for weight training and health maintenance. They will learn and utilize the principles of exercise and weight training. They will also perform cardiovascular, muscular and respiratory activities. Students will design personal fitness programs focusing on personal physical needs. Students will set a mid-semester goal and an end of semester goal. Assessments of growth will be made based on ability to prove that goal has been reached.

Target population:

9th, 10th and 11th grade students

Goals and objectives:

Students will:

-understand the correlation between physical activity and decreased illnesses, diseases and early death.

-learn about the metabolism.

-develop and implement a personal fitness plan based on self-analysis and an understanding of realistic goal setting

-understand the health benefits of continuous and routine participation in physical activity

-develop problem solving, cooperation and team building skills through participation in fitness groups

Alignment to Standards:

(Health and Physical Education) Standard 1: Personal health and fitness

Resources and materials to be used:

The universal weight machines, exercise bikes, the track

Assessment measures:

Personal goal setting, attendance, evidence of implementation of fitness plan in and out of class, level of effort and accomplishment of mid and end of semester goals.