The H.A.T. Mission Statement:

In order to lead the UHHS community into the 21st Century using modern technology with confidence, it will be necessary to debunk and demystify some of the misconceptions that influence negative perceptions regarding technology. Therefore, it is the goal of the H.A.T. Committee to develop the best ways to integrate technology across the curriculum in a user friendly way that will engage all of the stake-holders: students, parents and staff. Our ultimate goal is to create the means by which technology is actively used as an educational resource tool by the entire UHHS community. Furthermore, we would like the UHHS community to recognize and acknowledge that word processing and searching the internet are two minor aspects of technology. In addition to these aspects of technology, we would like to encourage our staff to incorcorpate the use of technology as a vehicle by which we can springboard class projects; integrate curricular areas; publish student work; schedule teacher/student programs and report cards; post teacher curriculum, course outlines, standards, class assignments and expectations; establish a forum where students and staff can engage in debates and discussions; and other administrative duties.