University Heights High School 2001-2002 Strategic Plan

The H.A.T committee (Helping to Activate Technology) proposes the following implementations in technology for the 2001-2002 school year.

Phase I

1. How can we use the technology that we currently have to enhance our curriculum and increase teacher interaction with technology?
  1. During cycle one the H.A.T Committee will provide workshops that model ways in which teachers can use various software and networking activities in their classes and to organize their curriculum.
  2. To enhance and align our curriculum with NY State Performance Standards, teachers will use a template to document course objectives and standards.
  3. Technology needs to be a meaningful part of a class project, rather than a separate assignment that results in "busywork." Therefore, opportunities to work with the technology team (H.A.T Committee) on a one-to-one basis will be provided to encourage teachers to include technology as a crucial part of their curriculum planning.
  4. Resources are a key part of supporting teachers in the classroom. A master list of online resources that include, photographs, historical documents, content curriculums, audio resources, first person accounts, periodicals, quizzes, games etc., will be provided for teachers.
  5. Support will be provided to teachers who are interested in learning infrastructure.
  6. The Tech Leaders will serve as a vehicle to assist in supporting all aspects of technology. As a result, they will be increasing their range of technology skills
2. How can we address the tremendous need our staff and students have regarding technology?
  1. The Administrative Coordinator- Cia Pinkerton, will be available to assist in programming concerns.
  2. The Instructional Coordinator- Hazel Joseph-Roseboro, will facilitate needs and concerns relating to maintaining a long-term technology plan and determining the instructional needs of teachers and students. All concerns and questions relating to what kind of software is available, or should be ordered for instruction, is addressed by the Instructional Coordinator.
  3. Infrastructure Coordinator-Alex Tavarez, resolves network and software problems. In the event that we are unable to hire a network administrator, Alex along with the tech leaders and other capable staff will try to hammer out any computer glitches that come up.
  4. Accessibility- A Lab schedule will be created that allows maximum accessibility for teachers and students. Note: Computer electives may be offered during the course of the school year which means teachers may not get preferences or permanent blocks of lab time.
3. What major problems do we need to resolve over the 2001-2002 school year? Based on faculty discussions the following items will be tackled. Note: Many of these issues are addressed in the preceding items.

  1. Lab supervision- who is ultimately responsible for the computer lab?
  2. Student Orientation- what are the technology requirement for students at UHHS?
  3. Teacher orientation
  4. Technology leader transfer
  5. Equipment exchange and/or upgrades