University Heights High School
Technology Needs Assessment

A. Curriculum Integration of Technology.

  1. One-Computer Classroom: Teachers need a networked portable computer with which to develop presentation materials from the Internet, UHHS intranet and other sources. It therefore needs to have connectivity to the school LAN (Local Area Network). Teachers need access to a computer projector without advance reservation or difficulty. Approximately 30% of our teacher prefer Mac OS. Therefore, I recommend we use any fundraising opportunities to build a bank of portables, projectors and rolling carts (with lockable cabinets) that can be loaned out by the semester to teachers, with an ultimate goal of one portable per teacher, one cart and projector for every two teachers. In addition, to provide network connectivity to these portables, wireless base stations and hubs will serve until/unless the entire school is hardwired (network cable to all rooms).
  2. Student Access Multimedia for Research/Communication/Production and Portfolio Management: Our Media Lab currently provides word processing and Internet access to all students. However, the greatest benefit of new technologies is to allow students to do the work of real scholars, requiring the ability to contact mentors online and use a school intranet for storage of digitized products, peer review of materials and creation of student projects. To facilitate this, there are a number of improvements to be made to the current lab (management software, desktop security, intranet interface software with student email and collaboration functions). Also, software and hardware for multimedia production and web development are needed.
B. Portfolio Assessment, Grading and Transcript Management.
  1. Portfolio Management and Assessment: The intranet interface software (First Class BBS) cited above facilitates collection and storage of student work in multiple organizational schemes (by class, by subject, as a school web site, as individual portfolios). Providing faculty access to student work, with online "rubrics" developed for each project and stored as an attachment to each students work will create an easily trackable record of progress, and generate transcripts more effectively. Sufficient access to the Computer Lab for students and faculty is necessary for this model to be in place. Because UHHS currently has only one lab, an equitable schedule with appropriate goals by Tier needs to be developed. Longer term, each Tier should have its own lab, and a faculty lab should be created to provide access during prep times.
  2. Student Grading Database Upgrade: The current database (Microsoft Excel) is error-ridden and clumsy, according to Alex Faber. There are no staff people skilled enough in Excel (a very challenging, high-end program) to fix the problems (especially as the target keeps moving), and Alex does not have time. Also, the current file server is not being backed up or protected effectively. I recommend we invest in a Filemaker Pro server. Filemaker Pro is very easy to use and program. Integrating with the materials in our Portfolio Management system, Filemaker Pro can develop rubrics and evaluation tools which can then be easily exported to UAPC and other Board databases. It is also easier to train faculty in the use of Filemaker Pro than Excel.
Goals Equipment P Notes
1 -Computer Classroom Dell Laptop 1 One Per Tier + Floater
1 -Computer Classroom Mac iBook 1 1 per Tier
1 -Computer Classroom A/V Cart 1 For each projector
1 -Computer Classroom Projector 1 One Per Tier + Floater 
Multimedia Lab IMac DV SE 2 1 + backup
Multimedia Lab Digital Camera 2 1 + backup
Multimedia Lab Dig.Camcorder 2 1 + backup
Curriculum Integration Dell Workstation: FC Server 3 Currently using BOE Server ­ will outgrow
            Grading/Transcripts Dell Workstation: FMP Server 3 Currently using NT Server for Access 


Description/Model Item/Purpose Source
Dell Latitude Laptop Teacher Use Dell
Mac iBook Teacher use Apple
Da-Lite A/V Cart with Cabinet Teaching Southeastern AV
Proxima Ultralight SV1+ Projector Teaching CDW-G
iMac DV Special Edition Multimedia Input Apple
Kodak DC280 Zoom Digital Camera  Multimedia Input Apple
Canon ZR10 Digital Camcorder Multimedia Input Apple
Dell Precision™ Workstation 220 First Class Server CDW-G
Dell Precision™ Workstation 220 FMP Server 5.0 CDW-G
Prices do not include 3-year warranties.