Welcome Message

    My name is Kenneth Joseph Adames, I�m 17 and my birthday is July 21,1983.I was born in the Bronx. The important people in my life are my uncle Izzy and my grandma because they�re like surrogate mom and dad.
    I like football; my favorite football teams are Titans, Jets, Giants, and Broncos. The music I listen to is rock, rap and hip-hop. My favorite music artists are Jay-Z, DMX, Fat Joe, Big Pun, Limp Bizket, Korn, P.O.D, Incubus, and a lot more rock artists. The career I�m pursuing in college is aerospace engineering. Why choose this career as my major? Every one was doing a research paper in middle school I want to this because it has the subject that I�m good at which is science. I volunteer at the Jewish Home and Hospital.
    I will graduate this summer and I will go to college in the fall. Please look around my website. I made it about myself and the career I am interested in pursuing. I got help from my mentor. He and I communicate through e-mail, but I also get to see him in person sometimes.

Well, I hope you like my web-site!  To contact me:[email protected]