My Career

    My career  is to become a forensic scientist. I don't really have to say much about it because the name is self-explanatory.  This involves how an individual can be identified to the exclusion, or at least to the smallest percentage of the population, of all others. The career involves taking fingerprints, dna analysis, odontology, and a number of other subdisciplines. I like this career because of the basic techniques of photography as they apply to investigative work. There are certain things you can tell from just looking at the corpse.  Forensic scientists make judgments and educated guesses based on their prior knowledge and experience. After doing the autopsy, people will ask you questions (cops, investigators) and you get to tell them what you found out from the body. You could figure out what happened to the person just from examining the body; this is a neat trick! Doesn't it sound interesting?