By: Barbara Lynn Diaz

At 8:15 A.M., there was a noiseless flash
Everything seemed to happen so fast
The buildings began to tumble down
Moans and cries could be heard all around

Blood flows along, as if it is part of the river
The thought gives me chills and makes me shiver

A mother runs frantically about
Deep in her heart, she holds much doubt
But she tries to have faith and hope that her baby is okay
If only she knew what awaits for her this day

Because she will soon find out that her baby is dead
he died a horrible way
His skin hanging off
His fragile body is all red

So she goes into denial and thinks that the flash was just a part of nature
and she wondered, why the God she had faith in would betray her?
'Cause on this day, her life came to an end
She lost all her family and her friends

If only she knew that it was human beings that committed this terrible act
If only she knew what happened and the facts
That it was my people that caused her pain
I helped to commit this horrible act,
for this I will hold much guilt and blame
because maybe there was something that I could have done
to keep Hiroshima from what it has become

For it was I who flew the plane that dropped
the atomic bomb on those innocent people
And for what, to "save a million American lives"
I feel so evil
For that I will be haunted my those children's cries

Maybe I could have stopped that disaster
If only I would have thought and acted faster
I would have realized that something wasn't right
I could have avoided that horrible sight

For on August 6, 1945, I caused many broken hearts
because I dropped the atomic bomb that tore a city apart
And for that I will have to suffer for the rest of my life
knowing that I caused the people of Hiroshima so much pain and strife