My Career


     I chose this career because I like to study animals.  In addition I love to do research on animals and one way to study animals´┐Ż anatomy is by doing dissections.  A dissection is the cutting open of a lab specimen for the purpose of studying structure body tissues and organs.  One reason why dissection is done is to compare different animals and to compare their structures with a human body.  For example, before research in medicines and surgeries are done on human beings, researches are first done on lab animals such as rats and fetal pigs.  I think becoming a veterinarian will be fun and challenging.  I also want to do this  because this is my career goal .  I think becoming a veterinarian will be a good way to study the anatomy of different animals.  The animals that I have selected that I want to study the most are frog, shark, snake, and fetal pig.  I want to study this because I love animals and in my future career I will have to know how to take care of them and this is done by studying their anatomy.