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 Hi! I am a Senior at University Heights High School.  I love to play basketball.  Last year we won the Championship. I was elected as M.V.P and top rebounder the last two seasons. I have been playing basketball for 6 years straight.  When I have extra time I dance and work.

      To obtain a position in the legal profession

            Sports and Art Day Camp Program

            Assistant Counselor (Summer 2000)

            Led campers through daily physical education program.    Also, helped young campers learn basic sports skills.


        Assistant counselor (winter 1999 & 2000)

       Helped children with their work and taught them fun          activities


            Assistant Counselor (Summer 1998 )

       Served breakfast and lunch to the summer program

       * Knowledge of Microsoft
       * Knowledge of Microsoft Word and First Class
       * Completed work by deadline
       * M.V.P, and Top Re Bounder in Basketball
        Senior- At University Heights (Bronx Community College)
                 1999 � 2001

        Graduated via portfolio assessment

        Organized and managed portfolio of classwork Math           Science,Service Learning

        Presented work to parents, teachers, guests, and peers

            * Answered questions from guests and received feedback
            * Bilingual