Lucy Pena
Objective To obtain a position in the legal profession
Experience Sports and Art Day Camp Program (S.I.S.D.A)
  • Assistant Counselor (Summer 2000)
  • Led campers through daily physical education program. 
  • Also, helped young campers learn basic sports skills
  • Assistant counselor (winter 1999 & 2000)
  • Helped children with their work and taught them fun activities
  • Assistant Counselor (Summer 1998 )
  • Served breakfast and lunch to the summer program
  • Knowledge of Microsoft 
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Word and First Class
  • Completed work by deadline
  • M.V.P, and Top Re Bounder in Basketball 
Education Senior- At University Heights (Bronx Community College)

1999 � 2001

  • Graduated via portfolio assessment
  • Organized and managed portfolio of class work Math, Science, & Service Learning
  • Presented work to parents, teachers, guests, and peers
  • Answered questions from guests and received feedback
  • Bilingual