......................................... Welcome to my web page. My name is Edwin Rivera
I would like to thank everyone who ever supported me in my life.
 *My mother for bringing me in this earth.
 *My father for always being there for me and always 
  working hard to keep me and my brother with nice clothes on our backs.
 *David Melendez for showing me the lite on how beautiful
  life can be and bringing me into the dancing world.

*All of my friends, There are too many to name but all of my
  positive friends who inspired me and who I love very much.
  You know who you are. Thanks for being there for me and
  telling me that I can do it. Thank you. For being real with 
  me and never hurting me. Thank you for loving me and
  and treating me with respect. I really Love you.
*Starlite company for making me the dancer that I am today.
  For inspiring me to give it my all on stage and always 
  giveing me a pat on the back for my hard work. I am really  grateful for that. This has showed me that you care about me not just my dancing. Thank you Ms Selena, Eddie and Debbie. I love you all for this great gift.
*Heartbreak boyz, Thank ya for always making me laugh
  when I am down, I love each and every one of you for the
  person you are and for being my brothers when I needed 
  one.For letting me dance with guys like you. I love each of   you so, so, much and I never wanna lose you guys.

*To my starlite parents. Wow where do I start? You parents have been nothing but supportive to me. You have accepted me and treated me like your own and I love you for that. Thanks for always laughing with me, making me smile when I am down and once again for accepting me for who I am. I love you for this.

*To Jackie: Man you have been like a second mom to me. I love you with all of my heart and don't worry about all of this negativity that's going around. It's going to go away real soon because you have good people by your side, wait, not good people, beautiful people. I love you and hope to see you smile all the time like you used to.