The careers that I'm interested in pursuing are automotive engineering and a animal specialist (either a vet or trainer).

    Automotive Engineering interests me because I like cars and I want to learn more about them. I don't want to be a mechanic because they fix cars, but I want to make or design them and bring it out to the market. I dream of working in a lab with fellow co- workers and designing all different types of cars, vans, trucks and even motorcycles. Then they will be displayed on the auto shows, seen on commercials and bought by the people. I might even have my own line of cars.

      The reason I want to be a Animal Specialist is because I love all kinds of animals, from sea creatures to mammals. I want to be a specialist because I want to study different types of species and be able to do various jobs.  I always wanted to do something with animals as I grew up. When I was twelve I was fascinated by whales, seals, dolphins and other water creatures, so I wanted to be a marine biologist. When I entered high school, I wanted to be a zookeeper or zoologist. In my second year of high school I wanted to breed dogs and horses. So I'm still interested in animals but I want to do so many things that I decided that a animal specialist is the best choice. They know a  bit about every animal.