Music Business
Music business is the career I want to pursue in college. I want to study this because since a child I�ve
been interested in music. I never had the talent to sing or play an instrument but listening to music
Fascinates me. The two things I�m most interested in this industry is managing and producing. I�m interested in managing because I want to be in charge in a music artist�s career. I want to be the one to guide him into fame. I�m also interested in producing because I want to bring my culture into this industry; I�m not just talking about the Latin culture but about the multi-culture created in the neighborhoods I have lived in through out the years.

other interest in this business:

1. Songwriting & Publishing: Covers how to write and/or
                   recognize, well-written, as well as marketable songs; how to
                   protect them; how to record them; how to "sell" them; how to
                   deal with Publishers and Songwriting Contracts; and how to
                   receive a share of the Publishing income or actually become a
                   Music Publisher, Yourself.

             2. Recording: Covers how to make the right recording
                   decisions for Yourself, Your group or band, starting with what
                   type of recording to make; whether You need the help of, or how
                   to deal with people such as Arrangers, Producers, Engineers
                   and Sound Designers, or wish to become one Yourself; how to
                   prepare Yourself for recording, how to choose the right type of
                   standard or MIDI studio for Your situation as well as how to deal
                   with them; how to conduct Your recording sessions from first
                   note to final mix; and also includes information regarding
                   recording on location, plus video tapin