;                                                         Nancy Young
She went to the American Film Institute and  now is taking classes at NYU in the Business of Entertainment. At MTV Networks, she works at VH1 (one of their several networks).  she's in Law & Business Affairs where she does licensing.  Among other things, she gets permission from recording artists, through their management teams, to see if they want to be included in home videos, books, radio, and tv programs.  (Not all artists want to participate in everything, and everything is negotiated.)

What is the hardest part of Nancy's job?
Handling about 50 pieces of correspondence at one time!  she has  to juggle several projects, and within each one, there are dozens of letters and phone calls that have to happen, and then be tracked on reports until she complete each project.  So it's like taking about 10 classes and having assignments due all the time in each one of them.  That's why she  tries to be really well-organized.  she uses outlines a lot and pay a lot of attention to small details.  You can't make any mistakes in your
written communications and when you get on the phone to negotiate, you have to really know what you are talking about!  You have to be really focused and be able to concentrate.  Also, you have to be a great communicator and
have "people skills."  If she's on the phone with an artist's manager, she have to talk business and be very good at it.  They don't talk about the artist or about music.  They  talk about whether they  can use a particular song or photo or music video, and how much it will cost.  The conversations go very quickly, because these are very busy people, who are also working on very big
projects:  tours, new CDs, films, etc.  So she has to be very well-organized on many different projects all at the same time.

How did she get started?  she never really planned on working in the industry. she wasn't a musician, but she had an interest in lyric-writing, videotaping, and journalism.  So she did a little bit in all those areas:  writing lyrics with the musicians she knew in her neighborhood; videotaping local concerts, and writing little articles for local newsletters about the arts.

Job History
PBS- the music program (she worked there for 3-4years)
warnerBros.Records-Executive assistent
vouleneterd and work for Music Publishing companies