Personal Statement

-Patricia Sanchez.
- I�m 17 years old. Born on January 26, 1984.
- I was born in New Jersey.
- One person that is important to me is my mother, even though we don�t get along and we argue most of the time I care for her. She gave me life and no matter how much I get mad at her, she is still my mother.
- When I graduate high school, I will be attending college. I will study music business management. I want to work in the music business and be involved in a different way then every one else wants to be in. I want to be very successful in my filled. I want to develop a new style in that industry.
- Hobbies- listening to music, writing, drawing, going out, and having fun
- My favorite place to hang it in the city, is time square. This place is always different. There always something to keep me entertained. Its crazy down there and I like that.
- My favorite movie is �What Dreams May Come� this movie talks about our truth and how we keep it in until we are ready to face it. It also challenges your beliefs in yourself and God.
- I�ve been to Dominican Republic; it�s a nice place for vacation