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     I am an 18 year old mother and student. When you have a child it's like everything just repeats over and over, you do the same thing everyday. I go to school, then go home to take care of my son. I don't get much rest, because taking care of a baby is so tiring. But, when I'm up late at night with my son and he's smiling at me, it makes up for it. I used to be the type of person that used to say I'm not having any kids, but look at me now.

    Just because I'm short and don't look 18, people think I'm about 12 or 13 years old. I hate that so much, but then I look at it as they are jealous because I don't look like I have a baby and because my baby is so cute. I always thought different mixtures make beautiful babies, and in fact it is true, I don't know how but when different races are mixed together, the aftermath is amazing. My son has jet black hair that shines without any light on it. His eyes are slanted, they take after the shape of almonds. His skin is smooth and like silk and his color very tan-like it looks so good, as if he went somewhere tropical, it's like the color of coffee. He sort of reminds me of a kitten so playful, yet so small and active.

. In my house it�s not that I feel like the outcast; it�s how my family perceives me as the outcast.I am a very kind-hearted person, I think of others feelings before I even think of my own. This is a problem I wish I could change, I'm trying to work on putting myself first because I feel as if no one cares about my feelings.