Welcome Messege

Welcome to my web page. My name Is Mayra. I'm 17 years old and live in New York City. I have 2 younger brothers and no sisters. My favorite sports are Ice-skating, Vollyball, Baseball (Yankees fan of course), and Basketball. On my free time I love to go to the movies, read magazines, participate in group activities at school, surf the net and hang out with friends or family. When I�m finished with school, I want to be in the entertainment business somehow. Either producing, directing or even acting.  Or anything that goes along with it like stage designing, costume designing etc. I would enjoy working on production of movies, Television or on Broadway. Some of my favorite things to eat include foods like ice cream, chicken, and anything sweet. I also love watching movies all day. My favorites are:  Romeo & Juliet, Cruel Intentions, Legends of the fall, Titanic, Shakespeare in Love and Interview with the Vampire. I have only a couple of friends that I�m very close to and they are, Maria my cousin, my best friend Victor , my friend Richie and my Boyfriend Eddie. I love helping people and animals. I would love to someday be to be involved with charities or organizations to help kids and animals that need help, or a home. This June I will  graduate high school and go on to college to study film production and directing.