University Heights High School
How To Enroll


University Heights is a small, alternative school on the campus of Bronx Community College. We serve neighborhood children from a predominantly African-American and Hispanic community.  Most students come from the Bronx, some come from Manhattan, and a few from Brooklyn and Queens. Our mission is to serve students who have not been successful in previous schools and prepare them for college and employment. We take in ninth graders whose parents have heard through work of mouth that the school is safe and has small classes. Guidance counselors often recommend UHHS to older students. Some students come because they have been truant, some for safety violations, and some because their safety is in danger.

The school is divided into four teams, one middle school team and three high school teams, although middle school will be phased out in 2001. Teams are subdivided into seminars of approximately 60 students that work together for the academic year. In addition, each teacher has a Homeroom (what we call Family Group, like the class pictured above) of under 20 students. The Family Group teacher is the point person for contact with the parents or guardians, and the Family Group teacher is responsible for monitoring the academic progress of her of his students.

In 1999-2000, the following figures indicate how many students applied and were accepted to UHHS.

General Education Grades 9 and 10
Selection Method: Screened
Number of applicants: 814
Number of offers: 34

To enquire about admission, call Hassan Nesbitt, 718-289-5300 X 5296