A sample student journal entry from 1993
reflecting on a UHHS roundtable.

Dear Journal, 7/12/93

Recently I had presented some of my work that I did during this past semester in a roundtable. I had my grandfather come in to listen and observe in the roundtable. I was presenting so I could graduate.

After my presentation I would receive warm and cool feedback from the observers that were there, such as my grandfather. Warm feedback is comments made on the things that people liked or what they heard. Cool feedback is comments or questions that people might have about your work. The work that I had represented went under the domain of 'Cultural and Historical Involvement". The outcome was "Students develop a time and place in geographical and historical frameworks". Some: of my work that I presented was my seeds of change project that dealt with Christopher Columbus, the Autobiography of Malcolm X, a math project, and some dialectical notes also. Another domain that I had to represent was "Taking responsibility and preparing for the Future". The outcome was "Students demonstrate that they know what it takes to succeed in college and the world of work". (Here are the cover letters of before and after.)

While I was receiving some cool feedback I heard my grandfather say that he was not pleased with my presentation and that I could have done better, as well 'as my teacher, Paul he said the same thing, also. After I heard that I was upset because I thought that I presented my work to the best of my ability. But after I listened to my grandfather and my teacher tell me why they were not pleased I decided Hey, maybe their right. They told me that I could have talked about what I presented a little more and that I could have explained my work a little more clearly. So I took their advice.

So after the roundtables were over I received another chance to present my work over. So I took advantage of this opportunity. I went and did some more work on the work that I presented and got into my work in depth. I put my work in as much detail as I could. The time came for me to represent my work and would have to say that my grandfather along with my teacher and the rest of the people that were there that they were impressed with my work and how I represented it. A student can learn not to rush their work especially when it means not graduating. Also to always take your time presenting work. Make sure you know exactly what you're talking about and never ever get frustrated.

This has shown me that if you put your mind to it that-you can accomplish anything.

The End.