University Heights School Mission Statement

We are a community of learners that includes students, staff, parents, university and community partners. We focus on the whole person and insist that we all use our minds well in order to develop intellectually, socially, physically. We are continually seeking to refine the skills, areas of knowledge. values, and habits of mind that we believe are essential to ourbeing productive and well educated.

Our goals are two fold: to have students graduate by demonstrating mastery of habits of learning; and to maximize the success of all members of the community.

We emphasize respect for oneself and for others, appreciating that all of these come through a sense of achievement. We recognize that for students to reach high standards, we must find ways for them to take responsibility for their own learning. Faculty and staff work alongside students, helping them to reach the standards of our community.

It is or experience that students succeed most often when their families and the school work together.

(Adapted by Policy Council January 1996)