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Networks of small, democratic schools evolving in New York and other cities are experienciong the benefits of independence and experimentation and the challenges of smaller resource allocation and less access to special services. These readings are an updated list from LiveText, an educational index published by the Institute for Learning Technologies from 1994 to 1997 and edited by Bram Moreinis.

A Nation At Risk
(US DOE) See Also other U.S. Department of Education Publications.
The Condition of Education 1996
(US DOE) "A means to report where progress is being made in education and where it is not, to draw attention to emerging issues, and to inform the ongoing policy debate."
US Department of Education: Studies of Education Reform
(US DOE) A primer to the major issues and some links to these studies. A tight and quick intro to the topic, and the studies on line so far are incredibly rich and well-organized. Bookmark Systemic Reform: Table of Contents, an index to up-to-date research by the leaders of the field. An important place to revisit. See Also Systemic Reform - Perspectives on Personalizing Education, A bibliography of online readings by major reform thinkers.
FIPSE Lessons Learned
(US DOE, 1996) "Written in Collaboration with 31 Directors of College and University Reform Projects Who Tell What Worked, What Didn't Work, and Why." 31 Secondary Education reform projects look at themselves in the mirror.
Improving Schools through Empowerment
(Self Directed Work Teams) An annotated index page integrating management science and school reform.
Prisoners of Time
(National Educational Commission on Time and Learning) "For the past 150 years, American public schools have held time constant and let learning vary. The rule, only rarely voiced, is simple: learn what you can in the time we make available." Also available at the US Department of Education.
Rand Publications
*Added 6/97* ( Thorough reports from the major disciplines in the physical, social, and biological sciences, with emphasis on their applications to problems of policy and planning in domestic and foreign affairs. Rand is the original "think tank" for hire.
Reviews of School Change Literature and Practice
(Southwest Educational Development Laboratory) Three literature reviews/papers analyzing the role of effective leadership in school change. Useful reading when planning initiatives or offering professional development to teacher leaders/administrators.
The Role of Leadership in Sustaining School Reform: Voices From the Field
(US DOE, July 1996) What do long-term school reform leaders view as their essential professional competencies? What do they see as their role in sustaining reform? 30 recognized leaders discuss and report in a US DOE conference.
School Based Reform - Lessons from a National Study
(Quellmalz, Shields, Knapp, 1995, US DOE) A guide for school reform teams, full of case studies and policy recommendations.
School Improvement Research Series
(Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory) A vast repository of searchable readings and studies on a fully comprehensive range of topics on school improvement. Not to be missed!
School Reform Readings
(Urban Education Web, Teachers College) Readings focussing on change initiatives in urban school settings.

School Change Resources & News

Daily Report Card News Service
*Added 6/97* (Youth Net) Archive of this very well organized and informative listserv posting Daily blurbs of a range of school reform news items.
Educational Management: ERIC Clearinghouse
(University of Oregon) Index page to ERIC digests and other related resources on the topic.
ERIC Clearinghouse on Urban Education
(Teachers College) "The Urban Education Web is dedicated to urban students, their families, and the educators who serve them. UEweb offers manuals, brief articles, annotated bibliographies, reviews and summaries of outstanding publications, and conference announcements in urban education."
( Exploring the challenges of middle grades reform, with a special focus on urban middle schools.
Op-ED Forum, Center for Education Reform
( CER's Op-Ed Forum "provides opinion editorials, essays, commentaries and analyses from education activists around the country."
Pathways to School Improvement
(NCREL) A beautifully designed presentation of original documents and established authors on school reform. Browse new additions, and check out the bibliographies on School Restructuring and Governance.