The Student Support Team at UHHS


The Support Team consists of a team director (social worker), college advisor (social worker), guidance counselor, part time psychologist, a paraprofessional, and 3 social work interns. This team is responsible for coordinating conflict resolution activities, facilitating groups on bereavement and other crisis issues, counseling individual students, guiding students through the college application process, and consulting with teachers around difficult students. They also work with teachers in family groups, and some teach in the service/health area. They coordinate suspensions and crisis interventions, and provide materials needed by various city agencies.

We are also funded for a LYFE Center, which cares for infant children of student parents. A part-time social worker teaches a parenting class and works with student parents.

As part of a grant through the Hunter College Center for AIDS, Drugs and Community Health, we have a facilitator who works with a group of peer educators.

LEP students are integrated into regular classes, receiving additional tutoring as needed. Since our program uses individual and small group work to enhance learning, these students function quite well.

Students not making sufficient progress receive after school tutoring, arranged by individual teachers and in the form of cooperative learning groups. Often, teachers hold academic progress with students and their parents, indicating to parents how they can help at home.

Our students are also able to use the BCC learning center, which is tutorial.

Parent workshops in particular curricular areas assist parents in being able to help their students with their homework.

We have a room designated as a parent resource center, where parents can come to receive information, attend workshops, have conferences, obtain reading material, fill out forms, etc. We will encourage parents to participate in certain staff development meetings, and to continue their role in student assessment.