Each year approximately 300 students receive their high school diploma from their home school through our Diploma Completion Program. The Diploma Completion Program is designed for students who wish to complete their high school diploma requirements through independent study and on-site academic instruction. Students also have the opportunity to prepare for Regents and RCT exams as well!

Eligibility for the Diploma Completion Program is determined on an individual basis. All placements in the Diploma Completion Program depend on a reviewed transcript by our program's Guidance Counselor.

� Independent Study Path/Diploma Completion Path:
Student enters the NYC VTC with approximately 25 or more academic credits and 1/2 Regents or RCT's passed


Student earns credit via Independent Study and site-based experiences both in academics and vocational classes
� The following Independent Study Cources are offered:

* English 1-8 * Economics * Issues in American Democracy 1&2 Elective *
* Global/English (2 crd. Elective in English or Social Studies) * Sociology Psychology Elective *
* Sequential Math Elective 1a, 1b, 1c, 2a, 2b, 2c, 3a, 3b, 3c *
* US History 1&2 * Mathematics College Prep. 1-4 * Refresher Math 1-3 *
* Government * RCT Preparation Math * Life Science Elective * Spanish 1,2 *
* Health *
Physical Science Elective * Italian 1,2 * Music * Earth Science Elective *
* Global Studies 1-4 *
Art * General Science with Labs *

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