Claymation @RF Wagner Jr. SSAT

  1. Write a story
  2. Decide which scene of the story to make a movie of
  3. Create a story board for the shoot
  4. Create a shooting script
  5. Make a list of scenery, props, and characters to be created
  6. Create the above items
  7. Place items in the scenery/stage area that you have made
  8. Take still pictures of the scene from start to finish acording to the shooting script
  9. Move each figure only slightly for each still shot to give the scene continuous motion ( it's good to have a helper for this)
  10. Download images from camera onto your computer workstation
  11. Import photos into iMovie
  12. Pull still shots from the shelf onto the timeline in the order desired
  13. Test movie and change duration of shots as necessary
  14. Record sound track or import sound track from CD

Research assignment


Dream Island

Woof Woof

Live at the Scene

Dog Love


The Cat and the Fiddle