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  • An American Ballroom Companion - a collection of over two hundred social dance manuals at the Library of Congress. The list begins with a rare late fifteenth-century source, Les basses danses de Marguerite díAutriche (c.1490) and ends with Ella Gardnerís 1929 Public dance halls ( Added: 2002-02-16, Hits: 80, )
  • Dance Magazine - Online version of Dance Magazine known for its Young Dancer section, reviews, dance news, and features... ( Added: 2002-03-11, Hits: 99, )
  • Dance Online - Award-winning content on contemporary dance: criticism, news, feature articles, interviews, performanc... ( Added: 2002-03-11, Hits: 104, )
  • Dance Teacher Magazine - packed with ideas that will help you--and your students--grow as dancers ( Added: 2002-03-11, Hits: 73, )
  • Dance Theater Workshop - The business of DTW - through its artists, programs and children, nearly four decades into its engagement with its family of communities - is the building of a true culture of curiosity." ( Added: 2002-03-11, Hits: 95, )
  • Lord of the Dance - designed to be a rich multimedia experience... step into a new universe where dream collides with reality. A universe where time stands still, but the spirit never stops. This is a universe of love. Of danger. Of desire. And as a dark power emerges, the L ( Added: 2002-03-11, Hits: 78, )
  • The Art Of Middle Eastern Dance - an oasis for belly dancers on the Internet caravan route that offers belly dancing education, inspiration, and entertainment! Youíll find over 400 articles, cartoons, poems, opinion polls, song translations, and more, all related to belly dancing! ( Added: 2002-03-11, Hits: 265, )
  • Video Directory/Dance Instruction Manual - 75 video clips that illustrate portions of the Dance Instruction Manuals. These clips were selected from two different videotaping sessions. The first was a public event, "Society Dances and Parlor Amusements in The Great Hall," which took plac ( Added: 2003-02-28, Hits: 83, )