This server hosts web pages created by students of
New York City's Alternative Schools.

These student web pages are works in progress. Although we provide a public forum for sharing student-made web pages, the work seen here should not be considered a representation of our students' highest academic achievement. Rather, their web pages serve as a vehicle for learning, developing technology skills, expressing creativity, engaging in academic inquiry, participating in peer review and mentoring, and communicating with other teachers and learners.

To set up your students on the student’s server, download our templates for the BOE Parental Consent Form and the Student Internet Agreement, located at our Internet Acceptable Usage Policy Page. These templates may be modified to suit your specific school. Also print out the New York City Department of Education's Student work release form. Hand these out to your students, collect them and hold on to them.

You must also have your principal write a letter to Olgierd Bilanow at the Superintendent's Office stating that the school:

  • wants to be able to give kids web/ftp accounts on the district server
  • is aware that these accounts must be used in accordance with central, district, and school Internet Acceptable Use Policies
  • will get signed parental permission before giving students web/ftp accounts.
  • Mail this letter, signed by the Principal, to the Superintendent's Office.