Ask the Health Experts!

Congratulations! The Project BLEND Community has chosen you and your classmates to become experts on health concerns of teenagers at our school. Your research has been fully paid for, courtesy of the Internet! The Community stipulates that the research be conducted in pairs. You and a partner will study two health issues. One topic will be presented in Cycle One and the other in Cycle Two. Please refer to the weekly checklist below. It will help you stay on track for your research project. Have fun!!!


It is you and your partner�s job to select two health related topics, about which you and you partner have always wanted to know more information. Use the checklist below as a guideline for what will be required by the end of Cycle I.

      Select a disease you want to study.

      Develop a list of questions you and your partner have about the topic.

      Create a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ�S) about the disease.

      Using Internet websites about health you will then research and provide answers for each of the questions.

      Using Microsoft Word and AppleWorks you will also present a report and a chart of the statistics you have found related to the health topic.

      As a final project you will present a final project using Microsoft PowerPoint.

      Click "resources" for linksto good health websites to search.


The Process

Week I

q       Select the disease you would like to study.

q       With your partner brainstorm questions you have about the topic. You should also ask your family group members what questions they have related to the topic in order to create a broader list of information that you should investigate. A good place to start is by creating a KWL chart. (What do you already know about this disease? What do you want to know about it? Upon completion of the research you will tell us what you have learned.)

q       Double check your list to make sure you don�t have the same questions asked different ways.

q       Checkthe list of health websites and begin to your research on the topic