Curate a Photography Exhibit


You are a curator at a gallery in New York City and you have been selected to curate a collection of photographs on the theme of power. Your job is to locate 15 - 20 photographs by a variety of photographers, and put them together in a photo essay.

The Task:

You will write:

1) an introductory essay on the meaning and representations of power (or your theme)
2) a caption for each of your photographs explaining why you included it
3) a closing essay on the process you went through to curate the exhibit and what you learned. Use the habits of mind as you write.


So, if you are wondering how to get this all done, look at the Process page to find out!

Another helpful page is the Resource page that shows you a list of links where you can find lots of photos to select for your exhibit.

Look here to see the rubric by which you will be graded on this project.

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