Topic Unsatisfactory Fair Satisfactory Superior
Word Processing Needs constant supervision amd cannot perform any functions independently. Comes to class unprepared Accuracy is wanting and doesn't complete tasks in timely manner. Homework is inconsistant. Finishes most tasks timely and with 75-80% accuracy. Most homework is turned in timely and complete Finishes tasks with superior quality and usually ahead of schedule. Stays at least two lessons ahead of the everyone else and homework is turned complete and timely at least 95% of the time.
Excel " " " "
Power Point Uses inappropriate graphics. Has less than 3 slides per topic. Totally inability to work independent of teacher Unable to load graphics into exercise or fails to check spelling and grammar on slides Has taken graphics from computer and/from the internet and has created movement and sequential development of presentation Has taken graphics entirely from the internet, yet completed assigned ahead of most. All slides are sequential, appropriate, attractive and extremely creative
Html Total unable to comprehend or use any of codes Can create basic homepage but lacks any creativity or initiative in design Ability to create page with links, images, active and inactive activity Can create page with bells and whistles--can assist classmates and introduce new ideas to the class about the page. Has limited use of sound