EXCEL: Excel s a popular spreadsheet program that is useful in making charts and graphs as well as comparative analysis. Students should be able to master most functions via teacher instruction, class materials and teacher directed lessons. The tutorial is broken down into labeled segments.

WORD: Since Word is kind of a basis for understanding many other programs, it is suggested that students master this program to the point of expertise. Whether the student types at 15 wpm or 90 wpm, mastery of Word is essential. With this tutorial, it can serve as a guide even for the advanced Word user.

POWER POINT: Power Point is the professional presentation program that is used by individuals and companies worldwide. This program can also be used for wide design (though not highly recommended). Students find this fun to create and to have a show and tell about their individual designs. The more the presentation speaks (so to speak) the less the student has to speak. This is ideal for the shy student. It allows for total imagination and creative spirits. It also teaches logical sequence and outlining skills.

WEB RESEARCH: Web research is essential to everyone in every way. It holds especial significance to students who rely on the internet to find information for their various subjects. Students need the most efficient, accurate manner to secure information. The suggested website covers all phases of research and is a useful site to novice and expert web searcher alike.

HTML: HTML is the father or mother of computer language. Without HTML you have no internet information. Keeping that in mind, students should spend time from day one becoming familiar with the language. It is not necessary for them to fully know the language. However, it is necessary for them to know where to make reference to it and/or find it.