Movie Making

Like many of the movies themselves, this page is under construction. As of this writing, July 2002, "SOUNDINGS I, The Movie" is the only movie on this site. Come October 2002 we are hoping to have more than one addition also up. In fact, this page will hopefully develop as a kind of on-going developmental site, where you'll be able to watch works in progress and link to many different examples of various class work. As I said earlier, experimentation and improvisation.


You can look at:

1."SOUNDINGS I, The Movie". This is a "trailer". When music students visited 6/8 Recording Studios (Manhattan) to record some songs for the school's first CD we took along a video camera. Out of all the footage we shot that day we assembled this "short".

2. "STICKS AND STONES". Just wait. Performance video from the work one music class did in 2001-02.

3. "A Day at the Park". Keep waiting