Students complete The Arts component of their Senior Graduation Portfolio by presenting an original work from one of the arts programs at the school. Students can choose from the music, art, and drama fields.

A music portfolio piece consists of a recording of the student's original composition, accompanied by written documentation of and reflection on, the creative process.

Some past senior works can be heard on "SOUNDINGS I".


Music Portfolio subjects for the most recent academic year, (2001-02) have included:


An examination of the "journey", both literal and metaphorical, all students at Brooklyn International have undertaken in order to continue their schooling here.

The pieces resulting from this subject exhibit a certain "crosscultural" aspect.

A number of these "Journeys" will be found on the next CD release from the music program.


Bollywood Blues

An investigation of the blues repetoire.

Listen to The Blues being played by students who have only just now been exposed to it.

And we thought that Sun Ra was from another planet! See what these students do to the form.

Truly "Outsider Art".


An Unsettled World

As a response to September 11's terrorist attacks, some students chose to depict the volatile world around them through sound portraits.

Some powerful and "unsettling" works have been produced as a result.

An ongoing project.