My Favorite movie by Derek A. Jones




         My favorite movie of all time is Patton, Starring George C. Scott.  It is a movie that is over three hours long and the viewer doesn�t really notice the time because the film is so engaging.  The reason that I enjoy this film is because it is a film that is historically accurate and George C. Scott makes one believe that he is Patton.


         Patton is the one movie that made me really enjoy history and in particular World War II.  The movie begins with George C. Scott standing in front of an American flag addressing the troops of the third Army.  I remember being a young teenager and being absolutely captivated by George C Scott�s performance. Whenever Patton was on the move with the third army, I really felt that surge of patriotism throughout my body. Even though I knew the outcome of World War II, I still found myself wondering if Patton would prevail and defeat the Nazi aggression in Europe.  The movie had the feeling of a sporting event and with Patton�s every victory, I remember cheering loudly in the theatre.


         My favorite scene in the movie was when Patton is in the barracks of his command and there was a young G.I .who was afraid of going out into battle.  This young man was sitting on a bunk and Patton, or George Scott, asks him what was wrong with him. The G I explained to Patton that he was a little battle scarred and he needed to take a breather for a bit. George C. Scott proceeds to get in the face of the young man and tells him that people are dying for him and he slaps the G I with his white gloves across his helmet.  The passion and the anger that George Scott displayed was powerful and Oscar winning.


         If you want to see a movie that really accurately and powerfully portrays the history of World War II, Then Patton is the movie for you to see.  This movie puts all of the new wave of WW II movies to shame