December 6. 2002

Hi. Sorry I'm out today. Today's work is failry simple. You're going to click the lnk belwo and be taken to a website where you can find things out about your country (most instances it's stuff you may already know, but there might be some new information as well). Follow the instructions CARFULLY, and you'll be done in time to take some free time before the bell rings.
See you Monday,

1.  Write down all eight (8) questions on the right in your notebook.

2. Click the link below and use the DROP-DOWN arrow to find your country ( don't use the map, it's harder that way).

3. Answer each of the questions from the catagories (the catagories appear just above the information about your country; "I. Overview" means click the overview tab, "II. Economy" means click the economy tab, and so on and so on.

4. Hand the quesitons in to the sub and you're done.

SUB; please allow free computer time for all those who finished the assignment.

Click here to go to the link for the day

I. Overview

  1. Write the names of three newspapers that are used in your country.

II. Economy

 2. What is the percentage (%) of people who are unemployed? 
   a. How has that changed from 1990 to 2000?

   b. By how MUCH of a % has it changed?

III. Environment

  3. Does your country emit more or less carbon (carbon emissions) than the rest of the world? By how much?

   4. GDP ...Gross Domestic Product is how much money is spent in your country. What is the GDP for 2000?

    5. What is your nation's pavierty rate?

IV. Health

   6.  What is the infant mortality rate for youre counry?

  7. What percentage of your population are between the ages of 0-14?

V. Technology

   8. How many TV's are there per every 1000 people in your natin?