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Brain Research Applied to Education

If teachers want to be successful in helping students to learn, they have to know how learning occurs. It is important to know what teaching and learning strategies work, where those strategies have been applied, and which ones have been successful with students at different ages and levels of ability. Check the links below if you are looking for answers to these burning questions.

New Horizons for Learning is an excellent source of information and readings on brain research and learning.

Brain Connection is a web site dedicated to providing accessible and high-quality information about how the brain works, how people learn, as well as practical tools for teaching and learning.

Marian Cleeves Diamond articles on The Significance of Enrichment, Brain Response to Enrichment, Determinants of Children's Academic Successes and Difficulties.

How the Brain Works explains the general function of the brain in terms of the fundamental operations of a small number of brain regions.

Brain.org is a web site describing practical application of brain research to the classroom






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