Assignment #1

Open Items for Computer Math. Open the Graphing Calculator. Watch the full demo. Write a paragraph describing what you saw, what you liked, and what you learned. Write it in Word and drag the assignment into the Hand In folder on the desktop.

Assignment #2

Look at this Math Games Page. Write an essay describing the games you visited. Tell what you learned. Write about your favorite game and explain why it was your favorite game.

Assignment #3 (more like a project)

Sketchpad: Do the tutorial handout and turn in each assignment. Here is a site with some basics and another one with a little more information.

Assignment #4 October 15, 2001. Go to and register for the WSWeb class. Be sure to include your email address. The Enrollment Access Code is math. Look at some of the links. Get familiar with it. Email me at [email protected] to let me know you registered. This is one way we can communicate with each other and I am able to let you know how you are doing in the class.


Assignment #5 (Cycle II)

November 2,2001 Puzzles: Go to this site and solve the puzzle. If you solve it, go on to this puzzle. For those of you who are fast solvers, try this integer puzzle. Towers of Hanoi is a great one. If you have trouble accessing these pages, try this math home page.Quit 15 minutes before the end of class and write a short essay in Microsoft Word or SimpleText. Describe the puzzle. Explain your approach to solving it. Lastly, critique the puzzle - good/bad/what was learned/ like/dislike.. etc Don't forget your journal entry... ASSIGNMENT ON HOLD DUE TO TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES

Assignment #6

December 14,2001: Puzzles: Goto Bigchalk Games. Also these Games. Or these Games. Choose some games. Play them. Write a paragraph describing what you played and what you learned (if anything).